Vehicle inspection

Tool to manage appointments and inspection reports for the operationally safe condition of vehicles.

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per driver
Including service surcharge of 2.5% based on the currently valid DKV terms & conditions

Looking for a time-saving solution to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act? Choose a digital vehicle file!

  • Comprehensive reporting functions including a defect report
  • Audit-proof document archiving
  • Reminder and escalation management
  • Notifications are automatically sent to the driver and fleet management depending on the deadline specified by the accident prevention regulation (APR)
  • Ideal for cross-location vehicle management, because test reports are managed company-wide in a digital vehicle file

all-in-one system


Success in detail

  • Process of the vehicle test

    If a test is pending for a vehicle, the driver is automatically reminded of this. The driver then organizes an appointment with the service partner to have the vehicle checked by an expert. After the test, the driver sends the test report to the fleet management, which archives it indelibly in the vehicle file and records any deficiencies identified separately. A new test period is set automatically.

  • Types of exams

    The vehicle inspection in accordance with the accident prevention regulations (APR) must be carried out regularly independently of the general inspection. In addition to the expert check as part of the APR check, the driver must also check the vehicle for operational safety before starting the journey (see: Driver instruction).

  • Scope of the test report

    Test results must show the scope of the test, pending partial tests, detected defects, an assessment of whether there are concerns about continued operation, the test date, the name and, if applicable, the address of the expert.