Driving licence check via Driver App

Flexible check of German & Austrian EU driving licences with your own smartphone

1.63 €
per month */**
per driver
Including service surcharge of 2.5% based on the currently valid DKV terms & conditions

Looking for a time-saving solution to comply with your liability as an owner? Choose our driving licence check via Driver App!

  • High level of comfort for drivers and fleet management
  • Carry out driver's license check on the go or at home
  • Management by exception: Fleet managers only intervene if a driver exceeds the stipulated inspection deadline
  • Legally corresponds to a visual inspection by the fleet manager
  • Ideal for company car drivers with a company smartphone and a German or Austrian EU driving license card, whose fleet managers would like to transfer control to the drivers

Product information at a glance

  • Installing the Driver App

    The driver can install the Driver App via the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. The fleet manager enables the driver in the LapID customer system to use this control method; the driver is now requested to have his driving license checked every six months.

  • Driver's license check process

    After the driver has been asked to check his driver's license, the driver starts the driver app and transmits a picture of his driver's license to the LapID system via the smartphone's camera. After completion of the test, all driving license recordings are deleted in accordance with data protection and the successful control is documented in the LapID system. At the same time, the driver receives information about the result of the driver's license check.

  • Legal certainty

    Protection against manipulation is an important factor when carrying out a legally secure driver's license check via app. To ensure this, LapID uses a multi-stage verification process that checks the driver's license for authenticity. Due to its complexity, this procedure is currently only available for the German and Austrian EU driving license card.