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Driver's license check via manager app

Check EU card driving licenses mobile: DE & AT!

  • Control is carried out solely by authorized persons

  • Examination of the driver's license is documented in the app

  • High degree of automation through text recognition

  • Ideal for pool vehicle users and centrally organized, smaller fleets where control should be carried out by a supervisor

Goodbye paperwork - click, click, hurrah



The person authorized to control can install the manager app via the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. The fleet manager activates the controller in the LapID customer system as the person responsible and assigns the manager app to the driver as a control method; the driver is now requested to have his driving license checked every six months.

After the driver has been asked for a driver's license check, the driver personally shows his driver's license to the inspector. The inspector checks the original driver's license for authenticity and then initiates the driver's license check with the Manager App: Based on the driver's license number, a successful check is documented in the LapID system.

The driver's license check via the Manager App corresponds to a visual check. All controls are fully documented in the LapID system and can be viewed at any time. If a driver exceeds the stipulated inspection date, the fleet manager stored in the system receives a reminder that the inspection must be made up for as soon as possible.


Fee is per driver.

Including a service surcharge of 2.5% based on the currently valid AGB-DKV.

0.96 €
per month
0.96 €
per month