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Driver's license check via RFID seal

Electronic control at testing stations

  • Driver's license check with the market leader's patented seal solution

  • 1,200 public test stations throughout Germany

  • Counterfeit and tamper proof

  • No storage of personal data on the RFID chip

  • Ideal for drivers with paper or foreign driving licenses who regularly visit Shell, DEKRA or selected VW car dealerships

We trust the inventor of electronic driver's license control



The seal is affixed to the driver's license by an authorized person (e.g. the fleet manager). Finally, the number of the attached seal is assigned to the corresponding driver in the LapID customer system; the driver is now requested to have his driving license checked every six months.

After the driver has been asked to check his driver's license, he goes to the nearest test station and holds the sealed driver's license up to the test station. A beep confirms that the check was successful. The test station sends the read seal number to the LapID customer system via the mobile network.

Due to its special structure, the seal is not destroyed in everyday use; however, if an attempt is made to remove the seal from the driver's license, the integrated predetermined breaking point will destroy the seal. With this mechanism, the driver's license check via the RFID seal is equivalent to a visual check.


Fee is per driver.

Including a service surcharge of 2.5% based on the currently valid AGB-DKV.

2.05 €
per month
2.05 €
per month