ViveLaCar Car-Subscription

The new flexible mobility concept!


Everything included except fuel / electricity, car washes and tolls; you can continue to receive these services directly from your DKV CARD

  • Simply flexible: Select your desired car quickly and completely digitally from a wide range of popular brands and models
  • Attractive alternative to buying and leasing: Short-term availability without fixed contract terms and with only 3 months' notice period
  • Full planning security: Monthly fixed price incl. processing and insurance benefits - no tying up of capital, no acquisition costs
  • Vehicles with different technologies available (diesel, fuel, hybrid, electric, hydrogen)
  • Low administrative burden, no paperwork
  • Sustainability management: Your contribution against vehicle overproduction


As future-oriented companies, DKV and ViveLaCar are opening the car-subscription store for DKV customers in accordance with the motto “Use instead of own” - uncomplicated bookable via the link below, invoiced at fixed costs via the DKV CARD and cancellable at any time.


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