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ViveLaCar car subscription

The flexible car subscription concept

  • Select the car you want quickly and easily from a wide range of popular brands and models

  • Fast availability without fixed contract terms

  • Monthly all-inclusive fixed price

  • Handle everything digitally with little administrative effort

  • Billing via your DKV Card


Find your Car-Subscription now


With the ViveLaCar car subscription, you can easily, sustainably and completely digitally control your mobility needs with young new or used vehicles. Whether large or small fleet - car or van: With an all-inclusive fixed amount you have unlimited mobility, predictability and cost transparency. Choose your dream car from a wide selection of popular brands and models and handle everything easily and conveniently digitally. You will receive your monthly subscription bill with the DKV bill.


Notice period is 3 months. All inclusive except fuel/electricity, car wash and tolls; you can continue to obtain these services directly via your DKV CARD.