Wallbox @home

Fully charged without leaving home.

For all employees who also want to charge at home - The wallbox @home

  • Calibration law compliant and intelligent wallbox with a charging power of up to 22 kW

  • Full service package: from pre-check to transparent billing
  • Simple electricity reimbursement for employees
  • Independent online management for optimal cost control

Your advantages at a glance

  • Authorisation by DKV Card +charge for easy allocation of charging processes and reimbursement of costs
  • Hardware, pre-check, installation, commissioning, online management and electricity reimbursement
  • Latest technology with highest security standards

Rent or buy a wallbox? You decide!

Setting up a charging infrastructure at home is at the discretion of your employees, which is why we want to offer full flexibility: You can buy our wallboxes as well as rent them. Both models offer advantages that can be decisive depending on the situation. The rental model offers you more financial flexibility. Instead of a one-time investment, you pay a monthly fee. Since the wallboxes remain the property of DKV Mobility, we are liable for any faults or damage should they be caused by hardware or installation.

Both models have one thing in common: Regardless of which model you choose, we are the strong partner at your side, offering you all services from a single source.

With the rental model, you opt for the charging infrastructure @home and pay for it with a monthly fee. This includes both the wallbox and the associated installation and commissioning.

With the purchase model, you purchase the charging infrastructure @home and pay for the wallboxes, associated installation and commissioning once. The use of the portal and the electricity reimbursement continue to be billed monthly.

DKV CHARGING CARD PARTNER for the whole family.

After your employees have decided on a charging infrastructure at home and it has been successfully installed, the question arises whether family members can also use this charging option.

With the DKV CHARGING CARD PARTNER, this is possible without any problems. The RFID chip in the card enables identification at your charging point. This charging process does not appear on your DKV bill.