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Liber-t BOX

The toll box for car fleets in France

  • Validity: France

  • Suitable for vehicles ≤ 3.5 t

  • Electronic toll payment, no ticket to show

  • Can be used in over 500 car parks

  • A clear monthly statement


With the Liber-t BOX, you can enjoy all the benefits of electronic toll collection in France with your car. You can travel ticketless on the French motorway network and your tolls are automatically recorded with just one device. You can keep track of all transactions in your customer account and pay conveniently via your DKV statement, saving you time and money!

In addition to fast and hassle-free electronic toll payment, the Liber-t Box also gives you access to more than 500 car parks. You will receive all motorway and parking fees in a detailed monthly DKV invoice. In addition to access to your personal customer portal, you also get access to our digital fleet management tool, DKV Analytics Basic.

The DKV Analytics Basic Package gives you a complete overview of your invoiced transactions for fuel and toll processes, as well as a meaningful analysis of VAT refund data.


Acceptance does not apply to the Schio Valdagno Frejus and Mont Blanc tunnels. 

Over 500 parking spaces in cities, at train stations and airports. These parking spaces are marked with an orange "t".

You can use your Liber-t BOX to pay parking fees at the following car parks: INDIGO, EFFIA (Lille Nouveau Siècle, Lille Opéra, Lille République), Roissy CDG, Urbis (selected car parks), SAEMES.

Promotion "6 months no boxing fee": We will automatically refund the boxing fees after six months.

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