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Just Drive + Liber-T-Bundle

The Just Drive + Liber-t combo for a smooth ride

  • Access more than 4,500 service stations in France, including 2,000 at low prices, and more than 500 car parks

  • Streamline your toll passages with the Liber-t box free of charge for 1 year

  • Benefit from discounts for the maintenance and repair of your vehicles in our partner network

  • Offer limited to 5 cards per company

We offer you the largest petrol station network in Europe with 66.000 petrol stations and around 666.000 publicly accessible charging points.

DKV gives you access to the largest service station network in France, with almost 4,500 stations, and in Europe, with 63,000 stations. Shell, Avia, Total or independents, but also 2000 low-cost stations such as Leclerc, Cora, Intermarché, Système U or Carrefour. Thanks to our mobile application or our station finder, you can find the stations closest to you. All the services you use are itemised on a DKV invoice, so you can quickly and easily allocate the costs to the vehicles involved, without having to collect, check and enter your tickets.

At the touch of a button, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can access the personalised data you need to manage your fleet and control your costs. Keep an eye on all costs and set limits, blocks and restrictions as you wish! All services used are detailed in a DKV invoice, so you can quickly and easily allocate costs to the vehicles involved. No need to collect, check and enter receipts.


Acceptance does not apply to the Schio Valdagno Frejus and Mont Blanc tunnels.

Over 500 parking spaces in cities, at train stations and airports. These parking spaces are marked with an orange "t".

You can use your Liber-t BOX to pay parking fees at the following car parks: INDIGO, EFFIA (Lille Nouveau Siècle, Lille Opéra, Lille République), Roissy CDG, Urbis (selected car parks), SAEMES.

You can order a maximum of 5 Just Drive cards for vehicles up to 3.5t. A card mix with other fuel cards is not possible.

You have a maximum credit limit of €1,500 for your customer number. Within this, each individual DKV Fleet Card is limited to €400 per day.

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