The fuel card for bargain hunters in Germany

2.99 €
per month
  • Cashless refueling in the low-price gas station network

  • Proof of support for climate protection projects

  • Car wash, repair

  • Set desired gas station and 2 ct. /l Save diesel

  • Collective bill

  • Online self-service & email advice

We have them all! ~66.000 gas stations across Europe accept our fuel cards!

Your advantages


With the Novofleet Card Climate you can fill up conveniently and cost-consciously at a large number of low-price filling stations throughout Germany and also make a contribution to climate protection. You can also save 2ct/l diesel at your selected gas station. In addition to cashless refueling, washing and collective bills, the Novofleet Card Climate offers other services.

Use our vehicle-related services to settle parking and parking fees as well as repairs. Support climate protection projects by making a contribution on every liter of fuel you fill up (amount of 1.9 ct/l, petrol up to 1.8 ct/l, LPG 1.2 ct/l, CNG/LNG 1.9 ct/kg, AdBlue 0.2 ct/l depending on the type of fuel), which we forward 1:1 to myclimate Germany on your behalf.

In addition to access to your personal customer portal, you also get access to our digital fleet management tool DKV Analytics Basic. With the DKV Analytics Basic Package you get a full overview of your billed transactions for fuel and toll processes, as well as a meaningful analysis of the VAT refund data.


The Novofleet Card is only valid for vehicles with a maximum permissible total weight of 3.5t. The credit limit is agreed individually.

Novofleet Card Climate: climate protection contribution per liter of diesel up to 1.9 ct/l, petrol up to 1.8 ct/l, LPG 1.2 ct/l, CNG/LNG 1.9 ct/kg, AdBlue 0.2 ct /l depending on the fuel type.