CO₂-neutral driving on national roads.

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Novofleet Card Climate: Compensation amount per liter diesel up to 1.9 ct/l, petrol up to 1.8 ct/l, LPG 1.2 ct/l, CNG/LNG 1.9 ct/kg, AdBlue 0.2 ct/l depending on the fuel type.

The Novofleet Climate is ideal for car fleets with vehicles up to 3.5 t who want to drive their routes on national roads in a CO₂-neutral way.

  • Refuel at over 5,100 low-price gas stations
  • Choose your preferred gas station and save 2ct / l gross on diesel
  • 100 percent compensation of your CO₂ emissions
  • Billing takes place every 14 days
  • Personal customer care
We have them all! ~67.000 gas stations across Europe accept our fuel cards!

Your advantages


With over 5,100 fuel stations in Germany, we offer flexible and mobile coverage for every location. Low-price filling stations allow a price advantage per liter of fuel compared to the big competitors.

The Novofleet card offers you services related to your vehicle - including vehicle accessories and repairs as well as acceptance at over 2,800 car washes and 150 parking garages.

CO₂-neutral on the road

With a contribution to every liter of fuel you fill up (compensation amount per liter diesel up to 1.9 ct/l, petrol up to 1.8 ct/l, LPG 1.2 ct/l, CNG/LNG 1.9 ct/kg, AdBlue 0.2 ct/l depending on the fuel type), your CO₂ emissions are reduced fully compensated. This is achieved through the support of selected projects by our partner myclimate at a certified gold standard level. These projects generate both ecological and social added value in various regions of the world. Further details can be found on the websites of DKV and our partner myclimate, one of the world's leading providers of compensation measures. In order to record the sustainable use of your company, there is also the option of certification of the CO₂ quantities offset by your company.

Flexible and mobile driving throughout Germany

With the Novofleet Card you can fill up conveniently and price-consciously at over 5,100 low-price gas stations throughout Germany. This includes relevant brands such as JET, Star, HEM, OIL !, Q1, Hoyer, ED, Sprint, GO, BayWa, bft & nbsp; and many more.

Services of your Novofleet Climate

You can use this card to fill up your car, use the breakdown service or pay for repairs. In addition, you have access to over 8,700 washing facilities and numerous parking garages throughout Germany. You can find a detailed overview of all locations in our DKV Maps.

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