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2.99 €
per month

With the NOVOFLEET CARD you travel cheaper right from the start.

  • Secure a price advantage of up to 4 cents per liter of fuel in the NOVOFLEET low-price network compared to the large oil companies
  • Optimal service: washing, parking, vehicle accessories and repairs
  • Obtain cost-efficiient fuel and lubricants regionally
  • Personal and high quality customer service
  • Suitable for company vehicles that are interested in meeting national and price-conscious requirements
We have them all! ~64.000 gas stations across Europe accept our fuel cards!

Your advantages


No matter how many vehicles you use in your company - the novofleet fuel card saves you money from the very first refueling. Because with the novofleet Card you benefit on average from a price advantage of up to 4 cents per liter of fuel compared to the major oil companies. The NOVOFLEET CARD for company vehicles enables, in particular, local requirements to be met and cashless on-the-go supplies at favorable conditions.

It's worth to start your voyage

Around 300 gas stations close to the autobahn (less than 2 km from a highway exit) guarantee that time and cost-conscious frequent drivers will also find affordable alternatives to the usually more expensive BAB gas stations.

Independence and flexibility

The cross-brand network alliance includes more than 30 acceptance partners, including well-known brands such as JET, Star, HEM, OIL !, Q1, Hoyer, ED, Sprint, GO, BayWa and bft as well as a unique range of gas stations in the Wholesale and retail food (supermarket gas stations).

Simple fuel card management

In the login area (Cockpit) you have full transparency of all transactions all the time, thanks to extensive analysis tools, and can set up limits, blocks and reorders.