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The fuel card for sustainable fleets across Europe

  • Refuel at ~67.000 service stations in 50 countries

  • Services: washing, repair, emergency breakdown calls and tunnel (-toll)

  • Wash at over 15,000 car washes throughout Europe

  • No collecting of fuel receipts: you receive a collective statement that you can submit to your tax advisor or the tax office

We offer you the largest petrol station network in Europe with 67.000 petrol stations and around 736.000 publicly accessible charging points.

Enjoy full flexibility and high comfort with the FUTURE FUEL CARD in the largest petrol station network in Europe! With us you can drive to over ~64,000 petrol stations in 50 countries. Fill your fleet with future fuels and receive a 2 ct/l gross discount on all relevant sustainable fuels in your country, including biodiesel, blue diesel (R33), vegetable oil (HVO), bioethanol, blue petrol, hydrogen and CNG. Each litre of fuel purchased is fully offset with a climate protection contribution of up to 2.5 cents/litre for diesel, up to 2.2 cents/litre for petrol, 1.5 cents/litre for LPG, 2.4 cents/kg for CNG, 2.5 cents/kg for LNG and 0.3 cents/litre for AdBlue, depending on the fuel type. This is achieved by supporting selected projects of our partner myclimate at the certified Gold Standard level. These projects generate both environmental and social benefits in different regions of the world. You can find out more on the websites of DKV Mobility and our partner myclimate, one of the world's leading providers of carbon offsetting.

You can also use your card for cashless refuelling or to pay for repairs at a garage. You have access to more than 15,000 car washes across Europe and can find a detailed overview of all locations on our DKV Maps.

Use your personal online portal and get a transparent overview of the use of your cards with all transactions and limits.


Nationally 2ct/l gross discount on all relevant sustainable fuels! Biodiesel, Blue Diesel (R33), Vegetable Oil (HVO), Bioethanol, Blue Gasoline, Hydrogen and CNG. The climate protection contribution cost max. 0,019€ per liter. As a result a simple way to help the environment without additional costs!

2.50 €
per month
With an additional contribution on every liter of fuel you fill up (Climate protection contribution per liter diesel up to 1.9 ct/l, petrol up to 1.8 ct/l, LPG 1.2 ct/l, CNG/LNG 1.9 ct/kg, AdBlue 0.2 ct/l depending on the fuel type), your transport-related CO₂ emissions ( these are “tank-to-wheel emissions), are 100% compensated. Your contribution will be fully invested in climate protection projects at the certified gold standard level of our partner myclimate.
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2.50 €
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