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The toll box for France, Spain and Portugal

  • Routes, bridges and tunnels: Warnow crossing and Herren (Germany), Liefkenshoek (Belgium)

  • Area of validity: France, Spain and Portugal

  • Fast toll collection thanks to reserved lanes

  • Benefit from discounts

  • Access to observed car parks in Spain and France


With DKV BOX SELECT you can easily and securely pay tolls for France (TIS-PL), Spain (VIA-T) and Portugal (VIA Verde / SCUT). With DKV BOX SELECT you also receive a service package for motorway, tunnel and bridge tolls. Tolls are automatically collected with just one device. You can keep track of all transactions in your customer account and pay conveniently via your DKV statement. You save time and money! You can also benefit from attractive discounts in Spain (up to 50%) and France (up to 13%) for frequent drivers on the privatised motorway companies.

In addition to access to your personal customer portal, you also get access to our digital fleet management tool, DKV Analytics Basic. The DKV Analytics Basic Package gives you a complete overview of your invoiced transactions for fuel and toll processes, as well as a meaningful analysis of VAT refund data.


Fees apply to your transactions. 

Guarded car parks in France and Spain are subject to charges.

The DKV BOX SELECT can be delivered in two different models.

4.00 €
per month
4.00 €
per month