The fuel card for car fleets in Germany.

2.99 €
per month *

Fleet Card Basic Climate: Climate protection contribution per liter diesel up to 1.9 ct/l, petrol up to 1.8 ct/l, LPG 1.2 ct/l, CNG/LNG 1.9 ct/kg, AdBlue 0.2 ct/l depending on the fuel type.

Enjoy full flexibility throughout Germany - for everyone who knows exactly what they need.

  • National preferred fuel station with 2ct / l (gross) discount on diesel
  • Cashless refueling at 14.000 fuel stations in Germany
  • Services: washing, repairs and emergency breakdown calls
  • Wash your car cash-free at over 8,700 washing facilities in Germany
  • No more annoying collecting of fuel receipts: you will receive a collective statement that you can hand over to your tax advisor or the tax office
We have them all! ~64.000 gas stations across Europe accept our fuel cards!

Your advantages


With the Fleet Card Basic you benefit from uncomplicated cashless payment and the largest network of gas stations in Germany. Find the gas station of your choice at which you benefit from a reduced price per liter from the first refueling. The card offers you a comprehensive range of services that give you a decisive advantage in everyday traffic.

Make a contribution to climate protection

By contributing to every litre of fuel you fill up (1.9 ct/l, petrol up to 1.8 ct/l, LPG 1.2 ct/l, CNG/ LNG 1.9 ct/kg , AdBlue 0.2 ct/l depending on fuel type), you make a contribution to climate protection. This is achieved by supporting selected, high-quality projects of our partner myclimate at certified Gold Standard level. All payments and donations to myclimate (via DKV Mobility) can be deducted from taxes in Germany. Upon request, a donation receipt can be provided by myclimate on an annual basis. Give something back to our environment and position yourself as a sustainable company.

Flexible and mobile driving throughout Germany

There are 13,500 gas stations available throughout Germany for refueling your car! This includes premium brands such as Shell, Aral and Total as well as popular low-price gas stations such as JET, Star or HEM.

Services of your Fleet Card Basic

You can use this card to fill up your car, use the breakdown service or pay for repairs. In addition, you have access to over 14.000 washing facilities and numerous parking garages throughout Germany. You can find a detailed overview of all locations in our DKV Maps.

Save money at the gas station of your choice

Decide on a gas station and select it as your preferred gas station. Every time you fill up, you save 2 cents on diesel per liter.

Online portal

Log in to the online portal and you will receive a transparent overview of all transactions and limits. Reorders and blocking of cards can also be carried out in the online portal.