The fuel card for small businesses in Germany

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A maximum of 5 cards can be ordered. Mixed orders with other cards are not possible.

The Just Drive Card meets all the expectations of a fuel card for small businesses that drive on national roads.

  • Access to the entire DKV network with 14.000 gas stations across Germany
  • Exclusive online offer, save time and money
  • No hidden costs, fees or minimum purchase
  • Card management in the modern online customer portal (self-care)
  • Highest mobility and flexibility throughout Germany
We have them all! ~63.000 gas stations across Europe accept our fuel cards!

Your advantages


In our gas station network, you have the option of driving to over 13,500 gas stations across Germany. Whether premium brands or low-price gas station - our high level of flexibility offers every driver the ideal refueling experience.

The Just Drive Card gives you access to your personal online self-service, where you can enjoy full mobility and a high level of convenience. Coordinate all activities of your fuel cards stress-free and at any time (see also JUST DRIVE FAQs).

One card - many advantages

Receive all fuel receipts conveniently in a 14-day-cycle, personalized statement. From now on, manage and control your DKV products exclusively online.

In addition to refueling, you have access to other DKV services and products, such as car washes at over 8,700 car washes and streets in Germany.

Widespread acceptance

The DKV Just Drive Card is accepted at over 94% of gas stations in Germany. Whether Aral, Shell, Jet or another gas station, with this card you can fill up anywhere.

One card - many advantages

Finally an end to the tedious collecting of fuel receipts. Receive all fuel receipts conveniently in a 14-day, personal statement.

Convenient online self-service

Our online self-service offers you independence and maximum flexibility. Thanks to extensive analysis tools, you have full transparency of all transactions at all times in your personal login area and you can conveniently place limits, blocks and reorders.