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DKV Fleet View - Handwired

Firmly install vehicle tracking

DKV Fleet View - handwired

  • Vehicle tracking in real time
  • Easy to use web interface
  • Professional installation (plus costs)
  • Driving behavior
  • Overview of the vehicle routes
  • Complete overview of driver and vehicle performance
  • Configurable reporting
  • Fixed installation in the vehicle

DKV Fleet View - Our telematics system for GPS tracking of your fleet

Increase the efficiency and costs of your fleet with us. The functional and intuitive vehicle location system DKV FLEET VIEW optimizes the utilization of your drivers through real-time location and enables you to use the vehicles optimally. Our telematics system for GPS tracking of your fleet helps you to keep an eye on the entire fleet and to plan and drive the routes in the best possible way.

Our advantages at a glance

  • Increase efficiency

    Automatically generated reports (.xls and .csv format) reduce the administrative effort. Vehicle location can be called up at any time in order to transfer precise tasks.

  • Reduce accidents

    Improved control of driving behavior and vehicle performance. Targeted control of speeding, braking and acceleration behavior.

  • Reduce fuel costs

    Thanks to the real-time location of the vehicles, you can choose the shortest route between the destinations. Automatic reporting recognizes unfavorable braking and acceleration behavior as well as downtimes (basis for training courses on more efficient driving style).

  • Prevent fuel card misuse

    Notification if the location of the vehicle and the location of the fuel card do not match. Notification when your vehicles leave a defined area.

19.80 €
per month
99.00 €
19.80 €
per month
99.00 €