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DKV LIVE for trailers

Continuous, seamless data exchange.

  • Display of tire pressure, speed and mileage
  • Display of the complete weight and the pure weight of the load
  • Brake pad and tire pressure status
  • The most important data and information about your truck fleet in one dashboard
  • Identify and solve problems quickly using a configurable alarm function
  • Retrospectively and seamlessly retrace the course of the transport thanks to the logbook and trace evaluation

DKV LIVE helps you to automate and digitize administrative and manual processes in your fleet. With the help of our intelligent functions, DKV LIVE not only manages to combine all activities of your fleet on one platform, but also enables you to manage your fleet transparently and digitally.

Check where, when and how much fuel is being refueled in real time. All refueling processes are automatically recorded in the portal and can be compared with the consumption data of the vehicles. Locate all vehicles on a real-time map with GPS tracking. Estimate when the goods will arrive at the customer and whether there will be traffic jams on the route.

Plan your tours from start to finish with the help of DKV LIVE - Enter the address data of your loading and unloading locations, data on drivers, vehicles as well as loading and activities in the DKV LIVE web portal. Digital tachographs are mandatory in the member states of the EU. The data must be read out and saved. Your digital assistant fulfills your legal obligations directly from your desk and handles the data download without contact.

Benefit from the permanent exchange of data with your fleet: operating data, events as well as driving and rest times of all vehicles are displayed directly on your dashboard.

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On the basis of the EBS module, various trailer data can be made available in the DKV LIVE web portal. A separate cable is required for this, which is available from the OEM (80cm, 3m or 12m) and has to be procured separately by the customer.


This cable connects directly to the battery terminals and can send the GPS location. In addition, if there is a connection with CAN high and CAN low, additional trailer information can be synchronized. The data quality is based on the EBS module.

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The system access fee is payable once per device

The transmitted data quality always depends on the technical requirements of the vehicles.

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