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Fréjus Card

Fréjus Card for Fréjus and the Mont Blanc Tunnel

  • Validity: France, Italy

  • Suitable for vehicles > 3.5 t

  • Tunnel passage for Fréjus and the Mont Blanc tunnel

  • Lowest tariff for each tunnel passage


The Fréjus Card gives you maximum flexibility when travelling through the Fréjus and Mont Blanc tunnels. The card entitles you to an immediate discount on a single journey through both tunnels. A single journey costs 50% of the price of a round-trip fare.

At the end of the year, you will benefit from a guaranteed toll refund of 13%. There is no need to apply for a refund. The amount will be automatically deducted from your DKV bill the following year.


The card fee of €10.00 per year is due.

10.00 €
10.00 €