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The fuel card for truck fleets in Italy

  • One card for all services relating to your truck: from truck washing and tolls to breakdown service

  • Can be used at around 10,000 service stations all across Italy

  • No need for your drivers to collect receipts anymore! You receive a collective invoice with all invoices twice a month

  • Available Services: Repair und tire service, breakdown service and towing, washing and parking, tunnel and toll usage, ferries and intermodal traffic

  • Personal customer support as well as access to an online portal allowing for a transparent overview of all transactions and limits. Reorders and blocking of cards can also be carried out online

We offer you the largest petrol station network in Europe with 67.000 petrol stations and around 736.000 publicly accessible charging points.

With the DKV Card you benefit from cashless payment and the largest petrol station network in Italy - you can refuel at around 10,000 petrol stations throughout Italy. Benefit from our comprehensive range of services and our personal customer service at all times. At the same time, you will have access to your personal online self-service, which will give you full mobility and convenience.

You can coordinate all your fuel card activities yourself at any time or call the 24-hour hotline. With every litre of fuel you purchase, you make a contribution to climate protection (climate protection contribution per litre of diesel up to 2.5 cents/litre, petrol up to 2.2 cents/litre, LPG 1.5 cents/litre, CNG 2.4 cents/kg, LNG 2.5 cents/kg, AdBlue 0.3 cents/litre, depending on fuel type). This is achieved by supporting selected projects of our partner myclimate at a certified Gold Standard level. These projects generate both environmental and social benefits in different regions of the world. Further details can be found on the websites of DKV Mobility and our partner myclimate, one of the leading NGOs for effective climate protection. To document your company's contribution to climate protection, you can obtain an annual certificate from myclimate. You can use this card to fill up your car, use the breakdown service or pay tolls throughout Europe.

You also have access to more than 2,200 truck wash facilities across Europe. You can also benefit from an extensive range of workshops and truck parking areas. You can find a detailed overview of all locations on our DKV maps.

Log in to the online portal and get a transparent overview of all transactions and limits. You can also reorder and block cards via the online portal.


Service fee in Italy equal to 1.79% for each refueling on diesel, 1.99% on petrol and 2.50% on LPG, CNG, LNG and bulk AdBlue.

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