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Climate-contribution fuel card for German car fleets.

  • Refueling, car wash

  • Proof of support for climate protection projects

  • Set primary gas station and 2 ct. /l Save diesel

  • Breakdown service

  • 24-hour hotline and personal customer advisor

  • Credit limit of €3,000

We offer you the largest petrol station network in Europe with 67.000 petrol stations and around 736.000 publicly accessible charging points.

The Fleet Card Basic Climate provides you with full flexibility throughout Germany, a comprehensive service package and a contribution to climate protection. This fuel card is suitable for pure car fleets as well as mixed fleets with a majority of cars that drive throughout Germany.

Our services go beyond cashless refuelling, washing and collective invoicing. With our vehicle-related services, you can pay for parking and parking fees as well as repairs without cash. We also offer an emergency breakdown service, a 24-hour hotline and a personal customer advisor. For every litre of fuel you fill up (amount of 2.5 ct/l, petrol up to 2.2 ct/l, LPG 1.5 ct/l, CNG 2.4 ct/kg, LNG 2.5 ct/kg, AdBlue 0.3 ct/l depending on fuel type) you make a contribution to climate protection, which we forward 1:1 to myclimate Germany on your behalf. All payments and donations to myclimate (via DKV Mobility) are tax-deductible in Germany. Position yourself as a sustainable company and receive a certified certificate for supporting climate protection projects.

The credit limit is €3,000 per customer and a daily limit of €400 per card. Save 2 cents per litre on diesel by adding a petrol station of your choice. A detailed overview of all locations can be found on our DKV maps.

In addition to access to your personal customer portal, you also get access to our digital fleet management tool DKV Analytics Basic. The DKV Analytics Basic Package gives you a complete overview of your invoiced transactions for fuel and toll processes, as well as a meaningful analysis of VAT refund data.


You have a maximum credit limit of €3,000 for your customer number. Within this, each individual DKV Fleet Card is limited to €400 per day or €1,800 per month.

Fleet Card Basic Climate: climate protection contribution per liter of diesel up to 2.5 ct/l, petrol up to 2.2 ct/l, LPG 1.5 ct/l, CNG 2.4 ct/kg, LNG 2.5 ct/kg, AdBlue 0.3 ct/l depending on fuel type.

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