The DKV fuel cards -

We make your fleet even faster.

Everything you need to really get going.


  • Uncomplicated cashless payment & billing
  • Europe's largest petrol station network
  • 13,500 petrol stations in Germany, of which over 6,500 are low-price petrol stations
  • Select individual services per card: fuel, charging, Europe-wide tolls, etc.
  • Also suitable for employees without a company car


The Just-Germany card. Nationwide mobile and saves a lot.

Choose your preferred fuel station and save 2ct/l on diesel each time you refuel.

The DKV Just drive is the perfect fuel card for self-employed people and freelancers with a national or local focus as well as small businesses with max. 5 vehicles up to 3.5t. For your small vehicle fleet (1-5 cars), we offer you the option with Just drive to select a fuel station of your choice, at which you receive a discount on every diesel refueling. The perfect fuel card for every industry.

  • 2ct/l discount (gross) on diesel at a petrol station of your choice
  • Access to the entire DKV network with 13,500 petrol stations across Germany
  • Exclusive online offer, save time and money
0.95 €
per month


The green DKV card - always CO2-neutral on the way.

For everyone who wants to make a big difference with a small contribution - The DKV CARD CLIMATE.

The DKV CARD CLIMATE is the fuel card for climate-neutral fleets of all sizes and types. The card for environmentally conscious fleet managers, managers or freelancers and & sustainable entrepreneurs.

  • 100% compensation for your CO2 emissions
  • Create a clear competitive advantage with a positive ecological balance
  • Additional amount per liter of fuel for certified climate protection projects
3.49 €
per month


Our fuel card classic. Refueling, tolls & many services included.

The all-in-one solution for car and truck-heavy fleets.

The DKV CARD offers unlimited possibilities - especially for international transit traffic. You take care of your core business and we ensure with our intelligent solutions that nothing can slow you down.

  • Over 60,000 petrol stations in 40 countries
  • Simple billing of toll and tunnel use
  • Provides finished statement for the tax office and tax advisor
3.49 €
per month


The hybrid card. Full charge ahead with a full tank.

Nobody goes away empty-handed with the DKV CARD +CHARGE.

The DKV CARD +CHARGE is the perfect solution for hybrid and e-fleets of all types and sizes as well as freelancers, managers and self-employed customers who want to refuel and recharge.

  • Fuels, lubricants and electrical charging possible
  • Comprehensive, Europe-wide supply network with more than 130,000 charging points
  • International acceptance in the entire DKV network (over 60,000 petrol stations)
5.49 €
per month


Our green hybrid card. Full charge, zero emissions.

With the DKV CARD CLIMATE +CHARGE everything is set to"green".

In addition to Europe's largest independent petrol station and service network, the DKV CARD CLIMATE +CHARGE offers you the possibility to charge your Vehicle at up to 100,000 charging points.

  • Over 60,000 petrol stations in 40 countries
  • Refuel at over 94% of all petrol stations in Germany
  • Additionally, charge electricity at more than 130,000 charging points
5.49 €
per month


The smart fleet map. For everyone who knows exactly where they want to go.

With the NOVOFLEET CARD you travel cheaper right from the start.

No matter how many vehicles you use in your company - the novofleet fuel card saves you money from the very first refueling. Because with the novofleet Card you benefit on average from a price advantage of up to 4 cents per liter of fuel compared to the major oil companies. The NOVOFLEET CARD for company vehicles enables, in particular, local requirements to be met and cashless on-the-go supplies at favorable conditions.

  • Large acceptance network of around 5,000 low-price petrol stations in Germany
  • Secure a price advantage of up to 4 cents per liter of fuel in the NOVOFLEET low-price network compared to the large oil companies
  • Optimal service: washing, parking, vehicle accessories and repairs
2.99 €
per month

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