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You want all DKV services for your truck fleet combined on one card?

You won't miss a thing with the DKV Climate +Charge - you fill up with fuel, charge electricity and also help the environment.

Our Europe-wide network of over 200,000 charging stations and 64,000 gas stations enables you to provide your vehicle fleet with uninterrupted supply.

  • Refuel at over 64,000 gas stations across Europe
  • Compensate 100 percent of CO₂ emissions
  • 200,000 public charging points across Europe
  • Additional amount per liter of fuel for certified climate protection projects
  • Order, block, limit cards - easy online around the clock
5.49 €
per month *

plus a transaction fee according to DKV standard

Refuel with our partners. Find your DKV gas station!

Your advantages

  • With the Climate Card you support certified climate protection projects

    With a contribution to every liter of fuel you fill up (1.33 ct / l diesel, 1.25 ct / l petrol, 0.83 ct / l LPG and 1.42 ct / kg CNG), your CO₂ emissions are reduced fully compensated. This is achieved through the support of selected projects by our partner myclimate at a certified gold standard level. These projects generate both ecological and social added value in various regions of the world. Further details can be found on the websites of DKV and our partner myclimate, one of the world's leading providers of compensation measures. In order to record the sustainable use of your company, there is also the option of certification of the CO₂ quantities offset by your company.

  • Fill up, charge and drive in an environmentally friendly way

    With the DKV +Charge Climate you fill up with fuel and charge electricity - and there is even more: With every liter you fill up, you offset your CO₂ emissions and support selected projects of our partner myclimate at a certified gold standard level . You can find more information on our DKV website.

  • Flexible and mobile driving throughout Europe

    With the DKV +Charge Climate you can fill up with fuel and charge electricity - both with just one card. The DKV network has 64,000 gas stations and 200,000 charging points

    . For on the go, we recommend the DKV eCharge+ app - this gives you a detailed overview of all the charging points available to you.
  • Comprehensive portfolio of vehicle services 

    You can use this card to fill up your truck, use the breakdown service or pay tolls across Europe. In addition, you have access to over 2,200 truck wash facilities across Europe. You also benefit from a comprehensive range of workshops and truck parking spaces. You can find a detailed overview of all locations in our DKV Maps.

  • Online portal

    Log in to the online portal and you will receive a transparent overview of all transactions and limits. Reorders and blocking of cards can also be carried out in the online portal.

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